Hotworx opens at The Village at Townpark


We are proud to announce Hotworx has joined The Village at Townpark family.

The Village at Town Park is located in close proximity to Kennesaw State University- Georgia’s third largest university with enrollment of over 35,000 students.

Sweat it out! HOTWORX – Kennesaw offers challenging workouts that you can complete in one of our patented infrared saunas. Follow along with a Virtual Instructor to learn new moves that will help you discover your inner warrior.

With the combination of heat and infrared energy, you will not only burn 3x as much in ⅓ of the time, you’ll also reduce stress levels, detoxify your body, and facilitate quicker recovery. Between Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Cycle, and a variety of other HIIT and Isometric sessions, you’ll always be in for a rewarding workout.

HOTWORX workouts are unlike any other fitness program available – They’re not your typical gym!